Implementation of MDG-BP

About the customer

Our customer is a German manufacturer of cars and commercial vehicles as well as a provider of mobility and financial services. This company has a global workforce of around 298,000 employees.

The challenges

Implementation of customer and supplier master data with MDG-C/S based on the business partner (Multiple Assignment) as well as concept development.

The solution (highlights)

  • Concept development and implementation of dynamic controls for the steps in master data maintenance processes. At runtime of the MDG change request, a defined set of rules is used to determine whether a process step is to be executed
  • Concept development and implementation of dynamic parallel processing of steps in master data maintenance processes. The number of parallel process steps is determined and controlled dynamically at runtime
  • Addition of customer-specific Web Dynpros to enhance the user interface (UI) of the MDG search to show additional information, such as the customer and supplier number or block and deletion indicators

The results

  • Less time and money spent on maintenance processes and data maintenance for enterprise master data – reduced data management costs
  • Higher level of business process automation supported by the standardization of master data
  • Provision of consistent and current data for more effective decision-making
  • Transparency and accuracy based on trustworthy reports to support strategic decision-making and long-term business growth
  • Use of consistent master data across the enterprise – faster communication and cross-functional collaboration