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central data maintenance

Are your business processes running smoothly?

You may already have experienced firsthand the business risks and bottlenecks that can arise if reference data is incomplete or incorrect: Processes in sales, purchasing, logistics, or in the finance department do not run smoothly, process costs increase, the cash flow becomes incalculable, and strategic and operative business decisions become all the more difficult. You can avoid these types of risks if you have consolidated and controlled reference data you can trust.

RDM based on trustworthy master data

We lay the foundations for you to manage your reference data centrally in your company. After all, managing reference data, such as material groups, units of measure, or payment terms, is just as important as managing master data. Reference Data Management (RDM) is therefore a valuable component in any successful Master Data Management solution, as it further improves data quality: Best Data for Best Business.

Unique SAP-based success accelerator

Our RDM is an SAP-certified standard solution that offers a complete and integrated application in SAP MDG with more than 40 reference data objects, such as product hierarchies, material groups, units of measure, or payment terms. Out-of-the-box data models with predefined content and rule-based workflows accelerate the project implementation. Not only do you benefit from lower implementation costs, but also from a high level of protection on your investment.

Ideal add-on for expanding businesses

Are you planning to open new locations, acquire other businesses, or tap into new areas of business? If so, establishing a single source of truth through centralized reference data maintenance is critical to the success of growth-oriented global companies. Our SAP MDG-based RDM solution reduces business risk and thus contributes significantly to your company’s success.

Contact us – we will be delighted to present our SAP-certified RDM solution to you and demonstrate all the available options for your company in person or in a video conference.