Master Data Governance

The key to “Best Data”

Is your data always accurate and up-to-date?

As products and processes become increasingly complex, vast amounts of data are being produced in ERP and other applications. Data quality suffers as a result of this and incorrect or incomplete data prevents processes from running smoothly. What can you do in a situation such as this? How can you organize and clean up data to ensure that the “best data” is always at your fingertips? As experts for master data governance, we are happy to take on this challenge and work with you to find the right solutions.

Specifically, this involves the following: As part of our MDM consultation, we analyze your data management as well as your data quality and identify optimization potential. Once we have completed our analysis, we define an action plan for master data governance based on your particular situation, which will improve the quality of your master data in the long term.

Competitive advantages through smooth processes

Cleaning up duplicate entries alone leads to savings and increased efficiency in many areas of the company. You can achieve higher discounts in purchasing by bundling orders, cut costs in manufacturing by increasing batch sizes, and reduce the amount of capital tied up in logistics and warehousing.Overall, you benefit from greater efficiency in all processes – in purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, sales, and service.

SAP MDG – Your basis for ongoing data maintenance

Master data is constantly changing – on account of new products, manufacturing processes, or business partners, for example. Once the quality of your data has reached a high standard, it must be continually checked and monitored. Following the initial optimization phase, we therefore implement methods and tools that maintain your achieved data quality as part of master data governance. To this end, we address all sub-areas of your organization, the master data objects, processes, validation rules, systems, and applications.

Our consulting services and service offerings

We provide our expertise in master data management on a modular basis. Below are just some of our services that you can combine based on your requirements:

Consulting, Workshops, Training courses

  • Process consulting: Concept development for master data maintenance processes taking into account the organization
  • Improvement in the quality of your master data: Concept development for validation rules for continuous monitoring of master data quality
  • Customized training on site, in webinars, or in our training rooms


  • Creation of an MDG prototype based on your requirements
  • Implementation or further development of a master data solution for MDG objects: Finance (MDG-F), Material (MDG-M), Business Partner (MDG-BP), implementation of customer-specific objects (MDG-Custom Object)
  • Custom developments and customization based on SAP MDG

Contact us – we will be delighted to present our entire service portfolio to you and demonstrate all the available options for your company in person or in a video conference.