Concept for MDG-BP interfaces

About the customer

Our customer is a company with a divisional organizational structure and a workforce of more than 103,000 employees. The focus of the group’s operations is on the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The challenges

Development of an overall concept for a global MDG interface through which various third-party systems (contract systems, CRM systems, etc.) can trigger MDG change requests to create and modify the data of business partners, customers, and suppliers.

The solution (highlights)

  • Preparation and delivery of workshops with stakeholders from the IT and business departments
  • Analysis of existing developments for the different systems
  • Implementation of a prototype as part of a proof of concept, data modeling, and implementation of the web service

The results

  • Less time and money spent on maintenance processes and data maintenance for enterprise master data – reduced data management costs
  • Consistency and standardization of data for more efficient and effective business processes – no consequential errors or financial losses in the value chain
  • Faster data transfer from one location to another and cross-functional collaboration through the use of consistent data across the enterprise